I found out about your product during my recent stay at "Deal's Gap Motorcycle Resort" in Robbinsville, NC (TN). They have them in all of the rooms & throughout the restaurant/bar area. Your product is an excellent idea and concept.


I would like to take a moment of your time to thank you for making a product that does more than it was supposed to do. I purchased one of your helmet holders last year and have used it daily ever since. It keeps my helmet and Aerostich together and up off the floor or wherever that it could possibly wind up. I have hung two Aerostitch suits on mine with no negative effects and one lives on it when not in use. It is really nice to purchase something that does all it says and holds up better than I expected.


Just sending my appreciation. I purchased two deluxe models two years ago at VIR and have loved them ever since. Thanks for the great product. I soon plan on purchasing a few more gifts. Also, I spread the word about these on my forum, with just over 500 members, I hope this brings you some extra business.

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